MQB Drivetrain Stabilizer Install

You will need a 21mm socket, a 15mm socket, a 16mm socket, and a 17mm socket. A breaker bar for those is best. A torque wrench also, capable of ~20-150lbft.
If you lay all the packaging out, you'll find the replacement OEM 21mm bolt, and the new hardware. You can take the single-serve loctite and apply a little to each of the smaller bolts. Let it dry a bit. No need to apply it to the large OE bolt.
The OEM pendulum mount will be easy to identify underneath the car. You can start by removing the 21mm, and then you can remove the other two 16mm bolts. It is normal for some swing or sway from the engine, but it won't be anything dramatic. Remove the mount.
To start the installation process, observe the orientation of the new mount as shipped. The hardware is ziptied in place. Remove those, they can be easily twisted off. Retain the alignment. The aluminum washer goes 'up' against the transmission. Keeping that alignment, insert the larger hole end into the subframe mount. It will slide in with a little wiggling and push. You can now take the new OEM bolt and slide it back in. It is normal to have to turn the bolt as it is going in, in order to engage the threads. Get this started but don't tighten it all the way.

Here is the only real 'challenge' for the install. Take the handle end of the breaker bar... Look around the transmission mount, and observe a 'hole' that the handle can be inserted into. We are just going to use this as leverage to rock the engine assembly into alignment. One hand doing that, other hand threading up the front most bolt, get a few threads engaged! If you get 3-5 turns in, relax your other hand and let the assembly rest a minute. You can repeat this again to ensure the middle bolt lines up nicely. Once all the bolts are engaged, you can begin torquing them down.
Middle bolt, front bolt, subframe bolt, in that order.

The torque spec for the two smaller bolts is 38ftlbs, and the rest large single is 96lbft + a 90° turn. It feels like a lot!