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B8/B8.5 Power Upgrade Path Help

Ultracharging? Stage 1? Dual Pulleys? Here's what it's all about. We're upstate NY's premiere APR dealer, and we get a lot of calls about software and hardware upgrades for the S4/S5 and A6/A7. It used to be relatively simple, and then our pals down in Opelika launched the 'UltraCharger' kit for the cars, along with a slew of other new hardware. First thing we are going to quickly discuss is Power Figures, and how they're attained. For the sake of the discussion, the 3.0T Supercharged V6 in the S4/S5 is listed as 333hp by Audi. Excellent. Fine. If you take a brand new car to a "Mustang All-Wheel Dyno" to measure the cars power output, it will tell you exactly...

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