RocEuro / Redi Imports Collaboration!

Fast Version: We moved software and install work to Redi Imports because they can do more than we can on the install side. Plus it's one stop for anything you need. Wheels, tires, coilover install, brakes bled, alignment, corner balancing, detailing, what-is-this-noise, you name it.

For my online customers, this means I'm all yours.

We team up so you guys win.

Longer Version: We met the Redi Imports crew in 2012 while scoping out a location for the shop. So ironically, we were almost across the parking lot from them at first. We took up residence at 1350 University for the next three years. We got up and running, doing the usual fun stuff: APR Tuning, suspension installs, SO MANY BAGGED CARS, and of course, manufacturing our B8 3.0T Intake kits, which shipped all over. Fast forward to 2014, and we start to offer more intake kits for various vehicles. Mk6 GTI, Mk7 GTi, Golf, etc. Manufacturing is picking up. I decide it's time for a better shop layout.

In 2015, we moved to 210 South Ave. A gorgeous space with sunlight, storefront, and hardwood floors inside. It is wonderfully useful. Now the 2nd largest APR dealer in NYS. We develop a staff! This gives me time to develop, oh, you know, another half a dozen intakes. Now we've got a kit for every VW or Audi 2010 forward. We have some hiccups, but contrary to popular belief, we went something like 6 months without a single backorder. But time changes things, and people move in different directions. In mid 2017, it drops to just me. Hard to find dedicated help with the knowledge and skills to handle calls, emails, tuning questions, light installation work, and still pack and ship!

I've always been a character with a 'plan' in regards to how I wanted to grow the shop. Bring everything in-house. Do it all. Air ride installs. Hardlines. Bespoke parts. Stage 3 builds. Getting new enthusiasts comfortable and stoked on their car! A cool looking experience. 
But there is a hidden cost there:
My sanity, lol.
Online orders. People who love to call back-to-back-to-back so that no one else can get through, while I'm still on the first call. Walk-in traffic from 9a to 8p even if I'm closed. Facebook messages all hours of the day. Projects that don't go as planned (I'm looking at you, every sheared mk6 downpipe bolt ever), and somehow still manufacturing. 7 Days a week, all day. 

But that's when I realized it - my locals see how hectic it is, and they get it. My online customers never get to see that. They just see missed calls, slow emails, delays in getting product out. That's a shitty experience for them. I apologize for that. But lets fix it, shall we?

By -partnering- with Redi, a shop that can handle all that we do, and way beyond, we can collectively offer everything the local scene is accustomed to. This frees me up to manufacture at a rate that means everyone else is taken care of, the way I want them to be. The way I used to be able to. I don't like this 'quantum customer service' thats both fantastic and terrible, depending on the exact moment you interact with it. Definitely making that into a t-shirt, however.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Stop by Redi for whatever you need. Call or email me for software scheduling, and let me show you how much better this is!

Customers around the world, this is all to get you service you'll love as much as the product.
Local crew, the convenience is real. Heck you can schedule an appointment for service with them online!

Software/Sales/Scheduling for APR: RocEuro

Redi Imports: Downtown
144 Railroad St (across from Bitter Honey and BXCR)
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Redi Imports: Webster
423 Ridge Road (Bay/Ridge, across from Knucklehead Craft Brewing)
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