Titan Motorworks - the path forwards

Short version: if you were trying to stop by and see us for tuning or installation work, you know the parking situation sucks. Well, it's only been getting worse! Needing to expand and accommodate lead us on a search for a better spot. Literally drive down South Clinton to the end, and take a left. Boom.


Longer version: Titan Motorworks is located at 2975 Brighton Henrietta Townline Rd, literally down the street from the ol' Roc-Euro HQ. So manufacturing stays at the difficult to access old shop, but all APR tuning, all hardware installation, all that jazz, c'mon down to Titan. Titan represents a collection of well-known professionals collaborating to bring you the best experience. They asked us to be a part of that, and yeah, we're in. Now we can tackle all of the services, offer all the features, and much more than before. 

Plus there's tons of parking, haha. Swing by.