Best laid (out) plans

Best laid (out) plans

Sometimes, you strive to give someone exactly what they want. Then after, you realize that maybe what they asked for... was not what they actually wanted.

I bent over backwards to get the fitment on this C63 AMG -perfect-, but as with any 'visually-oriented' air install, there are tradeoffs. For example, to air out like this with no body damage requires the adjustable strut body to be set so that the travel stops the wheel at exactly the right point. Not hard. Your ideal ride quality will be 50% of the strut travel ABOVE this height.

After delivery, our client wanted the car to also ride nominally above this point. I explained that with such low pressure required to lift the car only say, an inch, it'd ride poorly. Raising it to that 50% mark would be just under stock ride height. It rode well there, but was not visually what he wanted then. 

Riding that low and having suspension travel would all but require those wheels to tuck, as to not contact the body. Also not on the agenda.

At this point, not on our end, some adjustment was made, and something was damaged. I saw pictures of parts that I had installed, either damaged or reconfigured... not a great feel, but hey. I know the car made it to another shop, who tore the whole thing apart and hopefully, got the customer satisfied. Or at least, understanding of what his options were. 

It looked absolutely killer though, I tell ya.

And like, thats part of it, you know? You see all these great shots of bougie car setups, but man, not all that glitters is gold.

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