APR Software

Crash-course in what this is all about? Sure!

Modern vehicles rely heavily on computer control. Almost every current European car has a forced-induction engine. We've got turbocharged 4-cylinders, supercharged 6-cylinders, twin-turbo V8's, and more. These engines are frequently built with 'overhead', meaning that they are not strung-out from the factory. This also means, quite simply, that we can modify the software that meters power delivery.

In prior generations, this used to be called "Chipping" as a physical chip would have to be soldered into your factory ECU. Those days are well gone, and now most software is loaded directly through the OBDII diagnostic port.

Performance, accessibility, reliability, driveabilty, and safety concerns are met through our partners at APR Tuning. 

Unlike hokey 'fuel-savers', or 'power chips' that you may have seen before, these software tunes offer real performance gains. Traditionally, a "Stage 1" tune would refer to software that can be added to any stock vehicle, with no hardware changes required. Additional stages are available with various hardware changes, and the entire process is presented in kit format, requiring no 'custom' work. It's all plug-and-play.

We perform these software installs daily, as most require only about 30 minutes to load.
No appointment required, but feel free to schedule one up if you'd like to squeeze it in on a lunch break.

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