3.0T A6/A7 APR UltraCharger

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What is the Ultracharger? It's the next step, and the highest output configuration for your 3.0T.

Gains as high as 214hp/173tq over stock - up to 541hp at the crank.

Already UC and want the intake? Click on over here.

What's in the box:

The Ultracharger kit includes a new, larger throttle body, throttle body adapter, fresh sparkplugs, and a connection to the stock/APR airbox.
Existing RocEuro Intake customers who purchase the Ultracharger through us will get a bonus: the RocEuro Ultracharger Intake kit at no additional charge.

Why's that? The stock airbox is a restriction at any power level. The RocEuro intake makes more power than any variant using a stock airbox, at any power level.

The Ultracharger includes a connection to and only fits with the stock airbox. That's not ideal for maximum power.

Thus obliged to maximize power output and retain the classic RocEuro sound, we built our intake again, to fit your existing kit. Just swap shield and tube! You'll be able to continue to hear that supercharger scream, and maintain top horsepower claims even above what we're seeing now. 

We'll be updating with our own dyno charts to showcase the improvements! 

Notes on Configurations:

The ultracharger has several requirements and recommendations. 
You will need:
Stage 1 ECU Tune (available only at APR Dealer)
APR Supercharger Pulley 
Stage 2 ECU upgrade
APR Crank Pulley

Check out the Pulley kits here. 

APR also recommends usage of their high volume dedicated heat exchanger.

APR Ultracharger currently for C7 First-Gen non-bolt pulley variant. We are happy to help you determine if this is you!

An exchange program is available if you already have a RocEuro C7 A6/A7 intake and are making the jump to Ultra. We'll contact you with options upon purchase.

(APR components not available for sale outside of USA, contact your regional dealer for support)