APR Cooling Protection System, 3.0T / 4.0T

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Large dual-pass radiator system with integrated auto bleed-back. Ensure proper cooling support for all 3.0T power levels. Heavily suggested for dual pulley or UltraCharger systems. Check out the graph showing how quickly the factory system can reach into 'Temperature Protection Range' due to heat soak. Observe the APR unit keep you out of trouble!

Some vehicles require a fitting kit - please confirm and select before ordering.

Needs Fit Kit:

  • B8 S4 + S5
  • C7 A6 +A7

Does NOT Need Fit Kit:

  • B8.5 S4 + S5
  • C7.5 A6 + A7
  • Q5 + SQ5
  • S6 + S7