Roc-Euro 2.0TSI Tiguan Intake System

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Unlike so many other intakes that drop a tube and filter at an odd angle behind the drivers headlight, the RocEuro system is designed to take airflow head on.

Our custom dual-cone filter allows air to entire the system directly. Smooth, pressurized airflow from the leading edge of the hood is literally forced in. Our heatshield seals to the hood to ensure cool air is all that gets in. With gains of 10whp peak and upwards of 25hp under the curve, these intake will enhance a tuned car easily. Ditch the factory restrictions and let the car breathe.

How much different is it from the competition? Look through the photos - air is directly scooped in, rather than having to flow around a capped filter or bent tube.

Simple. Powerful. Easy.

** If your stock airbox has a hose connected to the front right you will need the breather filter*