RocEuro Intake, APR UltraCharger Edition


RocEuro Intake, APR UltraCharger Edition

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Ready to go UltraCharger? Don't want to go backwards and use a stock-airbox-based intake? We've got you covered. Maximize power and maintain supercharger sound with our setup. Already have a RocEuro intake? Excellent, you'll just need one part of this. Let's dive in:

If you already have a RocEuro intake, purchase your APR UltraCharger through us- you'll receive this hop-up for FREE. Just send us back your original Roc-Euro tube after you swap it!

Already have our intake, and the ultracharger kit? Click the option to upgrade your existing unit. Take advantage of the core-charge if you want!

Need to start from scratch? Complete kit is available as well.


Since 2010, the RocEuro intake has shown gains over all other intake options- the factory airbox IS a restriction. Any intake that reuses the main box is robbing you of actual power, at ANY power level. 

Don't cut yourself short at the top of the game now. Dyno results on 3/13.