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Some real OG's may remember the first-gen B8 3.0T kit launching under the old Stratmosphere brand in 2010.

RocEuro was born from that, formed in 2012, helping these cars be faster and more fun ever since.

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C8 Audi RS6 Avant Vegas Yellow

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John talks too much. Read what he's on about if you're bored. Project cars, tips and tricks, ramblings about infrastructure, who knows...



When we formed in 2012, we were a full-fledged shop performing installations and tunes, while manufacturing.

In 2020, we merged the install/tune side with Titan Motorworks. This let us focus on manufacturing and expanding the Roc-Euro product line.

Titan Motorworks is a fully-stocked upstate NY Authorized Roc-Euro dealer, APR Dealer, and 034 Motorsports dealer. If you're a Rochester local, swing by.