RocEuro Intake for Audi A6 & A7 3.0T (2012-2018)

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Take all of the fun the s4/s5 guys are having, and now you can have it too.

Development and testing were performed on the B8 S4, yielding gains from 7-10hp at the wheels, on stock software. More substantial gains have been seen with ECU tuning. Many of our drag strip users have seen a tenth off in the 1/4 mile. 

Eliminate the neckdowns and baffles on the OEM intake system that just serve to reduce sound and restrict airflow.

This intake opens up throttle response and gives the car some character. Under casual driving, the intake is barely audible. Once you get on the throttle bit, you're rewarded with the awesome supercharger sound. 

Simple install of 15 minutes and easily reversible. This system allows better airflow, and colder airflow than the stock system. By utlizing our own heatshield, we're able to ensure only cold air reaches the filter. Requiring no lid, the system seals with the hood for the most effective use of air and space.

 Beats all of the competitors in real world testing. 

Fits 2012+ A6 and all A7 with 3.0T

Black with red filter is standard* 


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