Roc-Euro Drivetrain Stabilizer for MQB/8V

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Replaces the factory pendulum mount to reduce drivetrain movement and wheelhop.

Cleaner, crisper shifting. Smoother launches and better overall stability when you're throwing the car around. 

Fits all MQB (Mk7/8V) Engines and Transmissions, regardless of puck shape.

6spd version fits 6mt and 6spd DSG (DQ250)
7spd version fits 7spd DSG (DQ381)
8spd version fits 8spd Aisin Auto (tiguan, arteon, jetta)

The factory pendulum mount is designed with a bushing that allows rotation and orbital movement during acceleration. This directly translates into lost power, and prevalently on FWD cars induces wheel hop. 
Many aftermarket companies make 'puck' inserts designed to fill the void in the pendulum mount. That style tends to transmit vibration and noise into the cabin. (As a point of note, our mount will still work in conjunction with inserts like that.) Other designs replace the factory bushing with a spherical bearing, which ironically allows the motion to occur more easily. 

Our goal was not to just create a hopped-up 'dogbone' per the usual styles. We reviewed the actual scenario and developed a solution from scratch. By eliminating the factory bushing in the mount, we're able to reduce rotational motion. This keeps your entire powertrain more stable. By transmitting the forces into the existing factory mounts in a more controlled fashion, we're able to reduce 'play'. This translates into being able to tell that the engine is not bouncing around in the engine bay over bumps or aggressive surfaces. It also reduces the torquing of the transmission against the wheels, reducing the 'wind-up', and reducing wheel hop. It is a simple design that is extremely effective. Locally-sourced grain-fed non-GMO stainless steel. Still reading? We appreciate that. We left it raw because it does flex, which is why it doesn't break. Install is quite simple. Helps eliminate that horrid ker-thunk of the DSG cars into first gear during spirited driving. Excellent for autocross, drag runs, daily driving, you name it. 
No notable increase in vibration or noise in the cabin. 

Made in USA.

Install time is about 10 minutes, just need to be able to slide underneath the front of the car. Requires 21mm, 17mm, 16mm, and 15mm sockets and a breaker bar. A torque wrench as well, unless you're 'that guy', and in which case you should know that all of these bolts have specific torque ratings and under/over-tightening is bad, mmkay?

Factory subframe mount bolt is stated as one-use bolt; recommend replacing with new factory or equivalent hardware. Many users have reported no issues with reusing the bolt once.