RocEuro Audi S8 4.0TT Intake (D4 2013+)

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The S8 is a monster in a fitted suit. It leaves nothing to whimsy. However, its designed to stay quiet all the time. But... you're not here to be quiet.

After prototyping in 2013, and losing the original kit to odd circumstances, we finally sourced a car and got it done. Following closely on the great gains with our S6/S7/RS6/RS7 intake, this fits just the S8 with the same performance gains. Expect ~12-15whp on stock software and up to 30whp combined with a tune. 

Dedicated left and right shield systems prevent heatsoak and remove all factory flow restrictions. OE Airbox is completely replaced. The RocEuro unit is easily installed and completely reversible. Stainless steel tubeset is designed to perform flawlessly, indefinitely. Filters are the same bespoke pieces used on our existing 4.0TT kits, capable of handling 900+hp. Secondary air injection filter system stays shielded and will not need servicing. Installs in about 30m with only 3 common tools.

It also sounds like you're opening the door to hurricane when you hit the throttle.


Default color option: Wrinkle Black
Also available: Gloss Red, Gloss White

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S8 Install guide - open, tap squares for text; tap left/right side for previous/next step.