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RocEuro D4 A8 3.0T Intake

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Currently built to suit! Any color option free of charge. Brushed finish available. Lead time 10 days including custom color.

Introducing the RocEuro 3.0T Intake System for the Audi D4 A8. Power gains of 12whp on stock software, and up to 22whp with APR Stage 2. Based on the design and success of our other 3.0T kits, the A8 features a bespoke intake tube and shield setup that allows substantially more airflow than the stock airbox, while retaining the factory inlet path. More accessible cool air leads to a nice power bump and great tone. Supercharge whine can be heard above 40% throttle, or high load. Otherwise, nice and quiet. Comes with a RED filter, though the image shows blue.

Simple install - completely reversible, with no drilling or damage of OEM components. Tools suggested: 7, 8, 13mm sockets, 4mm allen key. Average install time is about 15 minutes. Available with an install toolkit, containing every tool needed to perform the install on site - just email before ordering.

Pardon the dusty images - this one has been a while in the waiting!