RocEuro Intake for Audi Q7 3.0T - Gen 2 (2017+)

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Install guide below

(Render shown for clarity; actual unit is black like the engine bay plastics)

We chased down the restrictions of the factory system and build components to eliminate those entirely, resulting in a subtle power bump for your new Q7. This kit is designed to fly under the radar visibly, while offering a bit of that supercharger whine. Retains the ability for dealer servicing. Retains high-inlet system, ensuring you can still do factory-capable off-roading.

This kit reuses the stock filter and housing. I know, I know - but the stock filter itself is quite large and effective, and is also your engine cover. That engine cover also helps with other packaging. Rather than build a monstrosity that takes up a ton of space, has a high cost, and literally no benefit over this version... we just decided to make this version. Easy install, and your dealer can do normal scheduled services without impacting it's function.