RocEuro Intake Replacement Filter

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High quality replacement filters for the Roc-Euro intake. Red filter element, chrome ring top, featuring interior secondary cone for additional flow. Interior cone features venturi-style design to smooth turbulent flow. Lightly oiled, will not cause MAF/MAP issues. Made specifically for Roc-Euro in the USA!

These filters are able to be cleaned via standard washing techniques, and lightly re-oiled. We recommend replacement filters after 4-5 washes, but it depends on conditions. Some traffic areas have high soot content in the air, and will require more frequent cleaning. Check your current filter for its condition- if it's dusty when you tap it, it's time to wash/replace it. The smaller breather filter does not need to be replaced.


Select "Pair" if you need 2 filters for 4.0TT applications.