RocEuro Mk7/MQB Intake - VW Golf, GTI, Golf R, Sportwagen, Alltrack, GLI

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VW:  MK7/7.5 Golf 1.8T, GTI, Golf R, Sportwagen, Alltrack, 19+ GLI
AUDI: Gen 3 A3 1.8T, 2.0T, S3, Gen 3 TT, TT-S

All kits include SAI (Secondary Air Injection) filter. 

Gains of 11whp on Mustang dyno on stock IS38 cars.

You saw it first at WaterFest 21. We took a little extra time to make sure we could satisfy everyone's requests.
- 3" Mandrel-bent 304L Stainless steel intake tube, made in-house at Roc-Euro
- Unique higher-flow intake tract pulls full front end airflow unlike others.
- Opens up power on a stock car, gains more notable on tuned cars.  
- Plenty of fun turbo noise, keeps IAT temps cold, opens up all of the airflow possible.

Made in USA!